Monday, 11 June 2012

Meet: Manneken Pis

(Namesless, Little Man Pee, Peeing Boy, Pee Pee Boy, Little Julian, Pis)

Back to work today *unimpressed*. Last week was half term so me and my wonderful girlfriend ventured on a bank bursting / waistline bulging short trip to Brussels. It's a lovely city - we didn't fall in love with it the way we did with Copenhagen or Krakow but we had a great time - perfect for a 3-4 day stay.

Now anyone who reads this blog regularly - is there anyone out there? - will no doubt have realised that I have at times - most weeks - found it difficult to find people to be on my blog. If you're reading this and interested in being on it then don't hesitate, email me on: I need to get better at approaching people - strangers but family and friends too - so I'm not sitting at my computer on a Sunday evening panicking that I've run out of time to ask someone, quite so often.

It's this panic that has often lead me down a slightly abstract route - my cat, my 4 year old niece, a robin, my girlfriend dressed as the Queen. And this week is no different. I hope you enjoy.

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